Astral Manifestation


ASTRAL Manifestation, Meditation and visualization are the most powerful tools of the entire process of attraction and manifestation.

It’s not a magic trick, in fact, nothing is. True and credible is the mental power that we all have and don’t use. You’d be amazed how many people don’t think they deserve what they want.

You’ll never have or do something you don’t think you can get.

This is where the visualization comes in: what you see daily as exercise sits in your mind, you even start to have sensations of the manifestation as if it were already a fact, you think possible and automatically start to feel more confident about being in the way , you open yourself up to experiences that bring you closer to people and profitable situations.

This exercise is the best way to overcome doubts and harness our potential.

When you’re in that place of lack, of “I don’t have, I can’t,” you can’t be less than depressed. Every desire is intended to give us pleasure and not to feel the pleasure is to feel pain. So visualize daily and more in blackmooning. Take a separate time to smell, feel, touch with your mind the target of your desire.

The feeling and power within you will grow.

This is desire with muscle.

After weeks of emotional tsunami, it’s time. Remove the fixed idea in your head of power and focus on what you don’t like to give strength to what you do like.

Meditation is another fundamental tool. It’s not magic either, but this is proven. We live in a world where it is glorified to be busy and in the eternal multitasking. We go so fast that we appreciate 10% of things that happen in a day.

Most of the time we are on BETA frequency:

anxious, rushed, wanting everything for yesterday. That’s not how you’re living, you’re missing it!  You have only one life, once at 25 or 34 years old. Never forget how easy it is to connect with yourself. Take advantage of it.


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